Great way to keep the earth green

Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal Bristles



Environmentally Friendly

A super green alternative to today’s typical toothbrushes, this plastic free toothbrush is guaranteed to improve your carbon footprint.

An easy way for you to keep plastic out of our landfills, these biodegradable toothbrushes are a surefire step toward saving the planet.

MOSO Bamboo

Part of a group of woody evergreen plants, bamboo boasts impressive antibacterial properties – and they’re all natural!

Because of this, bamboo is able to withstand some of the harshest bacteria out there, making it an effective, nature friendly alternative to standard plastic toothbrushes.

So, if you care about saving the planet and maintaining optimum oral hygiene, swap your family’s harmful plastic toothbrushes for a sustainably-grown bamboo alternative.

Sleek Design

Each bamboo brush has been specifically designed to be sleek and smooth – with the narrowest handle on the market.

Super easy to hold and comfortable to use, this soft natural toothbrush set is guaranteed to impress.

Approved by Dentists

Complete with charcoal bristles of the same strength and quality as regular brushes, every natural toothbrush in this 4-pack will provide premium cleanliness and hygiene to your mouth – allowing you to achieve fully clean, healthy teeth without damaging the planet.

Bamboo Handle

The perfect size for both adults and children, these bamboo brushes are lightweight, comfortable and effortlessly able to reach each corner of your mouth for a truly deep clean, because they offer the narrowest handles on the market today.

Charcoal Bristles


Whilst many assume the only way to achieve a truly clean feel is with a standard plastic toothbrush, this is in fact NOT the case.

Charcoal Polishing Power

Fully approved by dentists and suitable for sensitive gums, the charcoal bristles on these brushes are free of artificial colours, chemicals and provide gentle action – without compromising on performance.

Able to deliver optimum polishing power whilst keeping your enamel intact, these sustainable brushes are perfect for the entire family.

Different Every Time

Make fun time personalizing toothbrushes with your love ones by writing, drawing, decorating or painting on them.

Recyclable Packaging

CIn addition to each zero waste toothbrush, every item of packaging in this set is 100% recyclable, giving you peace of mind you’re not harming the planet in any way when you throw away.

All packaging for these toothbrushes has been made with 100% recyclable, biodegradable materials, you can feel at total ease when you throw it away – knowing you’re not damaging the planet.