Vegan Natural Dental Floss – Refill Pack

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  • SAVE MONEY: If you have our original tooth floss set complete with recyclable glass bottle, these biodegradable floss refills are guaranteed to save you money in the long-run. Giving you two full-size flossing refills equalling a huge 60m, you’re receiving double the eco floss for the same price – with zero waste!
  • IMPROVED ORAL HYGIENE: Unlike many other toothpicks or teeth floss options out there, this natural dental floss has been made using corn instead of harmful plastic. Not only is this kind to the environment, but also provides a gentler floss sensation – perfect for people with sensitive or even bleeding gums.
  • NO ADDED WASTE: With other dental floss tape refills coming pre-packaged in plastic, the floss within our refill pack comes free of harmful packaging. Allowing you to continue using your original recyclable glass bottle with NO extra waste whatsoever, you can rest assured you’re helping protect the environment with every refill you purchase.
  • VEGAN: Just like our original biodegradable dental floss set, all 60m of eco dental floss included in this refill is free of silk – making every metre 100% vegan. Giving you the option to use fully vegan product without compromising on quality or taste, this glide floss refill is certain to impress.

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Replace Your 100% Vegan Biodegradable Dental Floss – With NO Added Waste!

Specifically designed to provide you with an eco-friendly, waste-free method of replenishing our original biodegradable dental floss when you run out, this exclusive refill pack offers not only improved oral hygiene – but better value for money too!

Cost Effective and Long-Lasting

Providing two full-size refills for the price of one, you’ll receive a huge 60m of dental floss in just one refill pack. Allowing you to effectively save money without compromising on quantity or quality, this biodegradable refill pack is sure to last you a long time.

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Zero Waste, 100% Vegan

Unlike many other dental floss refills on the market that include harmful plastic packaging, this refill pack won’t cause any extra wastage whatsoever. Allowing you to continue using your recyclable glass bottle from our original floss kit, you can have peace of mind you’re not harming the planet by purchasing a refill.

Guaranteed Satisfaction and Premium Oral Health

Keep Saving the Planet and Improving Your Oral Hygiene – Get Your Vegan Biodegradable Dental Floss Refill Today!

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1 review for Vegan Natural Dental Floss – Refill Pack

  1. foximus_prime (verified owner)

    Really good stuff. Doesn’t slice into the gum like the plastic(?)-based stuff from the supermarket, and doesn’t shred anywhere near as much either.

    It also has the added bonus that it’s biodegradable.

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