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Vegan Natural Dental Floss


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(1 customer review)

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Transform Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Unlike today’s popular plastic dental floss, this floss has been specifically created with both the environment and premium oral health in mind.

Completely free of plastic or silk and made using natural corn instead, this floss is fully suitable for vegans and provides a gentle yet effective method of cleaning the gaps between your teeth and gums.



Giving you peace of mind you're helping the environment; this all-natural floss is biodegradable and guaranteed not to harm the planet.

Made using corn instead of harmful plastic, this biodegradable floss is ideal for those suffering from bleeding gums.

An environmentally-friendly alternative to many other plastic teeth floss options out there, this eco floss is effective with zero-waste.


Unlike most other biodegradable dental floss alternatives, this natural floss is completely free of silk making it 100% suitable for vegans.

Better still, you don't have to sacrifice taste as this vegan glide floss is available in a new refreshing flavour - mint and ginger.

Reusable Glass Jar

Made using 100% recyclable glass instead of wasteful plastic, the packaging of this eco dental floss is not only better for the environment - but fully reusable too.

Enabling you to continue using it to store more floss when this entire 30m is used up, this glass floss holder is made to be versatile and long-lasting.

Refreshing Flavour

The mint and ginger flavour is guaranteed to provide a burst of freshness to your mouth – perfect when getting ready in the mornings!

Better Oral Hygiene

Instead of flossing with plastic between your teeth, this impressive 30m of tooth floss is gentle and all-natural.

Dental Floss - Corn(Polylactide)
Flavour - Mint & Ginger
Wax - Canellila
Floss Length -30m
Jar - Glass
Lid - Stainless Steel
Glass Jar with Stainless Steel Lid
1 x Corn Dental Floss Refill 30m