Two Whole Natural Loofah Sponges


  • ALL NATURAL. These loofah sponges come from an all-natural source ensuring that they are free from any negative chemicals while also making them bleach free.
  • USEFUL ALL AROUND. These Loofah sponges come as a pair, ready to be used immediately out of the box and with a length of up to 14” (35cm) there is plenty to make use of. You can cut them into smaller pieces for different uses all around the house.
  • REUSE. Due to the natural Loofah fibres, the sponges are made of they are capable of being reused hundreds of times over, not only making them a perfect alternative to the traditional bath or dish sponge.
  • BE FACED WITH A LACK OF WASTE. Loofah sponges contain not a single trace of plastics nor additives leading towards a natural, waste-free product.

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To make our world a clean, waste-free place  – change the way  you clean today!

Free of any plastics or chemicals, these Loofah sponges are an all-natural way to clean, wash and scrub our planet of waste and pollution. 

Grown from a prominent member of the cucumber family, these fibrous sponges can be used in hundreds of different ways; from thoroughly cleaning your dishes and the kitchen around them to being a great replacement for your bath sponge, loofah is a fantastic vegan alternative to the plastic ridden modern sponges we commonly see.

Hundreds of uses limited only by the imagination

Each box of these brilliant Loofah sponges comes with two separate full size Loofahs, each with a length of up to 14” (35cm).  They can be used whole to cove a large area but also due to their natural composition they can also be cut into smaller pieces for more specific uses.

You can easily take your Loofah sponge and cut it into separate pieces for different tasks, cut a small segment off for your dishes while keeping the rest as a body scrubber. Slice them into thin strips to be used as a handy face skin scrubber or perhaps keep them whole for that feel of natural goodness.

The best part is that you can reuse the Loofah sponge over and over again, simply let them dry after use and they will return to their natural form.


Biodegradable, recyclable, lovable

Specifically packaged to contain not a single trace of plastics nor extraneous waste, these Loofah sponges are 100% biodegradable when you are finally done with their numerous uses.

The packaging they come in is purposefully made to BE recycled so that one day that same box can be used to package another product, all the while reducing the amount of produced waste to the bare minimum.

By using Loofah you can be contented with knowing that this product is 100% Vegan, 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable and that you are making a positive impact upon the beautiful planet we all live in.

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